Friday, June 24, 2005

Back to Kelo

I guess that my home isn’t my castle after all. If present trends continue, porn will be the only thing left protected by the Constitution.

Political Speech isn’t (Thank you, Senator McCain. We’ll remember come primary season 2008).

My property isn’t. Fortunately, the geography here isn’t really suitable for a Wal Mart.
As someone else on the web observed today, the Left is happy to keep the gov’t out of my bedroom, but is more than happy to run a bulldozer through it.

Now, I understand the arguments that some have made that this actually doesn’t change the effective law that much. However, what it does do is give a big, shining, green light to every two bit councilman in the pocket of some developer, who may have previously been somewhat deterred by the threat of a lawsuit based on the clear meaning of the Takings Clause.
But no more.